Friday, July 21, 2017

Playful Finish

Monday I shared how I quilted this whimsical quilt. I had so much fun making this quilt. I'm so happy I took part in the exchange.
 Each of the ladies did a wonderful job making their owls. I just love how well they all play together.
 I think it will make great baby quilt. I might have to include the book Sam and the Firefly. It was the inspiration after all.
Then another generation can share in the happy memories I have with this book.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Gifted Scraps

 One of my quilting angels also does a lot of sewing for Days for Girls. She recently gave me a large garbage bag full of scraps from her sewing. She figured we could use them to make quilt. The other day I started sorting. I used my Go to cut a bunch of square for one project and threw any strips into another project box. I found a bunch of black with white dots I thought would make fun centers. I wanted to have a few sample blocks so I started to play. I came up with these.
I may continue to work on these in my spare time. They are so fun to make. Who knows if I'm lucky I may have enough for a quilt by our next sew in.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Tuesday Tutorial

It's no secret I love my Accuquilt Go. What you may not know is I've been designing patterns for them. Back in February I cut out and made this quilt. I call it Confetti. It uses the 12" cube parallelogram die. If you don't have the 12" cube but one of the other cube sets you could still use the parallelogram die and just make a different size quilt.  
You can find the free download pattern here. They also include a video with step by step instructions if you prefer.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Moving It Forward

I had a pile of quilts basted and just waiting for me to quilt them. I had been waiting for inspiration to hit. Sometimes figuring out how to quilt a quilt leaves me stumped. Well, I was looking through my continuous line Pinterest board and it hit me. My owl quilt needed to be quilted with fireflies. DAH!
It was perfect! It went right along with the inspiration for the quilt, the book Sam and the Firefly. So I got busy quilting fireflies all over my quilt. You can see them better on the back.  Some of my fireflies are better than others but I'm pretty pleased with the effect.
 After my owls were quilted I started on my quilt using Big Sky fabrics. I can't show you the front yet but here is the back. I quilted leaves and organic lines.  It has a lot more quilting that I usually do and took quite a while to complete but I love the results.
Now it's your turn. Please share with me your progress. I love seeing how you are moving things along.

Friday, July 14, 2017


I just love when my flowers start blooming in front of our little shed. It makes for such a lovely place to photograph quilts. How appropriate that this one is called Summertime.  I used the beautiful line, Sugar Pie by Lella Boutique for Moda. The blues remind me of summer skies while the peaches remind me of my apricots and peaches, true symbols of summer.
 I quilted it with feathers, leaves 
 and flowers, more signs of summer.
I'm loving this summertime finish. You can find the pattern in the July/August issue of Love of Quilting, along with several other perfect for summer quilts.

Speaking of summer Anna and I will be doing the Salt Lake City Downtown Farmer's market again next week. Now that we have one under out belt we are less nervous for this one. That and we received this wonderful text from Michelle, one of our customers from the last market. She said, "I just wanted to tell you, me and two of my daughters who struggle with blemishes have been using your Blemish Buster. We LOVE it? We started seeing huge improvements within the first two days. I'm happy we found your product and I'll keep buying it as long as you keep making it."
This made me feel so good. I knew it worked for my son and daughter but it was nice to know that it worked for others as well. Michelle bought us out of our Blemish Buster soap but I've made more. You can find it and the rest of our all natural skin loving soap in our Etsy Shop.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Sewing with the Angels

I had a great time celebrating on the Fourth. But as it was the first Tuesday it meant that we either had to reschedule our sew in or cancel. Not wanting to give up the fun we have sewing together we went for a reschedule. Here is what we got done. Ruth made these cute little blocks. I think they will make a sweet quilt.
 I put together these flannel four patches. I need to dig through our stash and see what I can find to go with them. So we can make another man quilt.
 Marilyn finished framing these blocks and set them into a quilt top. She took them home to finish it up.
All this wonderful progress means I need to get cutting new projects for next time. What is your favorite scrap friendly go to charity quilt?

Monday, July 10, 2017

Moving it Forward

I'm in love with these cute little four patches that I'm making for my next Free Four all Quilt. With all the fun ways to arrange it I never seem to get tired of making them.
So I've been busy chain, chain, chaining them through my machine. Until recently I would use a small pair of scissors to snip the threads between each four patch.
 But at Quilt Walk a couple of ladies had this really cool devise. It serves the same purpose as seam rippers set on end but much safer. The blade is recessed so your not going to stab yourself. I'm so pleased to have discovered it. Sure makes cutting those threads so much faster.
Helped me whip out all these blocks.
Now it's your turn. What have you been moving along?