Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Uncut Diamonds

This has been hanging out on my design wall waiting patiently for more background fabric. You may remember the blocks from here. I like the wonky diamonds this little blocks makes as you put them together.
Happily the fabric arrived and I've been enjoying some time in my scraps. I ran out of the random triangles I was using. So glad I found a home for them. And while I have no more I'm not worried. I have plenty of other scraps I can cut into odd triangles. 
Looking forward to watching this grow. I'm really loving the results so far.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tuesday Tutorial~ Another Scrap Friendly Project

I'm always looking for cute homemade ornaments or ways to decorate packages this time of year.
Yesterday I came up with this idea after seeing something similar here.
 To make your own you will need; heavy fusible interfacing, cookie cutters for templates, and scraps of course.
 Trace your template on the fusible interfacing.
 Arrange scraps on your shape and iron on fusible side of interfacing.
 Over lapping is fine just make sure you cover all of the pellon.
 Trim around your interfacing shape.
 Stitch around edge and through center. I put the feed dogs down and did a little free motion. You can so straight lines or a zig zag stitch if that is easier for you. This just makes sure your not going to lose any of your pretty scraps. You could free motion words across if you like.
Use a needle and thread to add a hanging loop or adhere to packages as desired.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Moving It Forward

I'm happy to say that this scrap buster is done! I finished the binding late Saturday afternoon. 
 One of my favorite things about a scrap quilt is all the memories it holds. Each fabric represents a quilt I've made. It's fun to bring back these old friends and remissness.
 Wondering where the parent quilt is? Is it being loved and treasured? Feeling nostalgic about previous creative experiences while enjoying the current one.
The finish may be a little late but it made for a great Moving it Forward usually I reserve this for starts rather than finishes. Makes for a pleasant change.

Now it's my turn to see all your progress. I'm looking forward to it. You all inspire me.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Good Intentions and Pleasant Distractions

I know I told you on Monday I would share my scrappy rail fences as a finish. Sorry I lied, not intentionally though. I had good intentions. I was working my way through the quilting and was about halfway when my youngest son called and asked if he could stop by. Of course! We had a lovely chat. He raided my fridge. I love that my boys still do that when they stop by. They tell me how much they miss my cooking. By the time he left it was time to fix dinner for my hubby and DD. So here we are with a half finish. 
Prior to my son's visit I made another batch of  detox soap. Here it is all ready to be cut. It smells heavenly! A special blend of orange, lavender, vanilla, and sweet anise essential oils.
Find more of my skin loving soap here.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Another scrap project

While I wait for more gray background fabric for the project I showed on Monday, I pulled out my scrap bins and began cutting quarter square triangles. I'm not quite sure how these will come together, but I think they will be fun to play with.  They will also make a nice leaders and enders project.
 While cutting them up I also ended up with a bunch of hsts and bitty strips. Funny how in trying to use up scraps you end up with more. No wonder I can never make a dent in all my scraps.
No worries they are good friends that give me hours of enjoyment.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tuesday Tutorial ~What to do with Thin Scrappy Strips

Do you ever wonder what to do with all those strips of fabric that are a little to thin to sew with but are so cute that you don't want to throw them away. I know they make cute ties on bags of candy and popcorn balls for the holidays. But that hardly puts a dent in these fun strips. On the other hand a Christmas garland is festive and will put these pretty strips to good use. First gather all these pretties.Cut them into about 5-6" lengths. You do not need to be precise in this. I just fold them until they are about the rights size then cut a bunch at one time. You tie these onto a piece of string. I use hemp. I tie a bead on the end of the string so my little pretties don't fall off.Then you just keep adding the little pretties. Pushing them together to make this fun garland.To decorate your Christmas tree. This is a simple project that children can help with. A great way to create not only a fun garland but a Merry Christmas memory.

Another use I have found for thin scrappy strips is fabric twine. I've been making this recently. I do it while I watch a show with my hubby at night.  It is easy, mindless and has many uses. I think it will be festive on holiday packages, or to hang homemade ornaments. Here is the tutorial I used to learn how.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Moving It Forward

 I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  Over the holiday while eating way too much food I also started another scrap project. Having finished the top with my blue rail fence blocks with the warm tone wedges. I'm hoping to get it quilted this week and share it with you Friday. I needed a new scrap project. I had a bunch of odd shaped triangles in my bits bin. I thought they would look nice with a gray background. I did a little playing with their placement on the gray and came up with this block.
I made a bunch and squared them up. Here are my pretty trimmings
I ran out of gray background before I ran out of odd triangles. I may never run out of odd triangles. I've ordered more background. I'm hoping it will arrive sometime this week. I really want see where this one goes.

 Hope you were able to move a few projects along with all your holiday festivities. Link up and share with us what you were able to do. Looking forward to seeing your progress.